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Goonbate Balls Pouch

The Goonbate Balls Pouch is the perfect chastity pouch for your balls. It fits around your balls like a second skin and is super easy to put on. Keep your balls hanging low and in place while also getting the benefits of a cock ring because it wraps around your shaft as well.

It is made out of body-safe thermoplastic rubber, which will stretch and form nicely around your junk. One size fits (almost) all.


Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 cm
Item Type

Penis Rings

Model Number

S01/658 penis rings

Brand Name




Sexually Suggestive


type 1

Interest delay ring

type 2

Lasting ring

type 3

Fancy scrotum testicular clasp

type 4

Bound penile ring

type 5

Fun adult supplies

type 6

Locking delay ring

type 7

Scrotum binding device


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