Ball stretchers are toys specifically designed to increase the sensation of having a pair of balls. Do you love the feeling of your balls hanging low and heavy or having them gently tugged on? Get yourself a ball stretcher, ball weight or cock and ball ring. They will make your play time even more enjoyable.

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Jordan Ram Steel Ball Stretcher

$37.99 $34.99

Titan Ball Stretcher 439g

$44.99 $35.99

C-Love Scrotum Ring


MT 10oz Gram Slide In Ball Stretcher

$49.99 $44.99

Titan Ergo Ball Stretcher


Eric Turner Ball Divider Cock Ring


Erosky Scrotum Bag


Eric Turner Metal Cock Ring


Koky Cock Ring Ball Stretcher

$13.99 $9.99

MT Magnetic Ball Stretcher


ALPHA Ball Stretcher with 200 Gram Weight

$21.99 $17.99

Leatherhunk Ball Divider Ring


Goonbate Balls Pouch


6 oz Single Ball Weight

$27.99 $19.99

Max North Premium Ball Stretcher


Leatherhunk Double Cock Ring


Clarkson Leather Ball Stretcher

$19.99 $14.99

KOKY Parachute Ball Stretcher

$19.99 $15.99
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