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First: How a Cock Ring Works

When your penis gets erect, blood gets pumped into a sponge-like tissue. This tissue expands by holding the blood, which results in your penis growing erect to its maximum length and girth.

The blood can leave this sponge-like tissue by flowing into the arteries that surround it. A cock ring helps blood stay in your penis by gently constricting these arteries.


bigger harder erection cock ring benefit

1. Get Bigger and Harder Erections

More blood in the penis means an increase in girth and length. A cock ring engorges your erection to its fullest potential, making it harder and bigger than usual.

main hard cock ring benefit

2. Maintain Erections Longer

Because of the gentle restriction of the arteries surrounding your penis, the blood takes twice as long to leave the sponge-like tissue. This results in your cock being harder for a longer time.

bigger harder erection cock ring benefit

3. Increase Pleasure During Sex

Both the wearer and his sex partner benefit from a harder and bigger erection because of the increased amount of friction the engorged penis causes. The skin around the penis feels tighter which also results in more feeling.

main hard cock ring benefit

4. Get a More Intense Orgasm

Your orgasms will be more intense as more blood circulates through your cock’s head when ejaculating. Wearing a cock ring also keeps the balls from contracting into the body, which some guys perceive as an extra boost of pleasure.

bigger harder erection cock ring benefit

5. Get More Horny During The Day

Wear a metal cock ring during the day to remind yourself that you have a penis hanging in between your legs. Every time you move, the weight of the cock ring will make you feel your penis.

main hard cock ring benefit

6. Boost Your Sexual Confidence

Knowing that your cock will stay at its hardest and biggest during sex ensures you that you can focus on the things that matter: performance, pleasure and passion!